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New Beach&Port: vacation apartments made for you

After months of hard work we are delighted with the result of the Beach&Port apartments. Well, delighted is an understatement.

At AG we take every apartment renovation very seriously. For this reason, we put ourselves in the hands of professionals who know how to transmit what we want to achieve with each project.

For this renovation we have counted on Svetlana Shaporovska, from Nexo Interiorismo studio, who has perfectly understood our idea.

In this video Svet tells us what are the keys to the reform. Because it is not a matter of changing bathrooms, or putting one or another table. It’s about thinking as a whole, that everything flows.

The starting point, as it could not be otherwise, is to think about the customer, about his experience. Enjoying a few days of rest is something sacred, and being able to provide an environment in which the client feels more than comfortable is our goal.

The Beach&Port are ideal apartments for people who want to enjoy everything: the rest of a few days on the beach, but also to go out for a drink, to see the Port of Gandia, to live it; to move. It is ideal for restless people who want to feel at ease when they get home.

For Svert the key is to try to transmit the essence of the Mediterranean, and the peace of rest. And with this objective in mind, a chromatic range was chosen in neutral tones, whites, beiges, sands, which reflect this calmness.

The elements are chosen to take advantage of the space, that’s why the choice of colors and the light that transmits is so important; and also to experience recollection. In this sense, Svert emphasizes the importance of choosing natural materials, the wood of the table with that texture that you can feel; the chairs with the mix of tradition and modernity, wood and wicker; the lamps (yes, they are lamps not hats ;)….

The details also reach the rest area, with custom-designed wooden headboards, which are a projection of the essence of this soft style, ideal for resting after a “hard day of relaxation”.

In addition, the Beach&Port have a high-speed fiber wifi connection, essential for those who need to telework or hold an online meeting while the rest of the guests are entertained and without interruptions. And a 55″ Smart TV to watch your favorite series and movies, because there are days when you want to stay at home and enjoy a good movie.